Monday, November 23, 2015

KBShimmer Winter 2015 Collection (Partial)

Hi friends, happy Moday! I am trying to get a few things posted before the holiday weekend. I will be in East Texas visiting my family.

So today, I have three polishes from the new KBShimmer Winter Collection. It is a huge release with 14 shades in all. There are a few glitter toppers, holographic finishes, creams, crellies and more! 

Please Note: Products shown were provided by the company/creator for review purposes.

KBShimmer Yule Worthy, Toying Around & Coal In One

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Madam Glam Swatch Spam (pt. 2)

Hi everyone! Despite my lack of posting, November is flying by for me. I am on the last two weeks of NaNoWriMo (the reason for my sporadic posting this month) and will hopefully have a completed first draft of a novel by the end of it.

It took a little longer than I originally planned, but I have the second part of my massive swatch/review of Madam Glam polishes.

Please Note: Products shown were provided by the company/creator for review purposes.

Madam Glam Beyond Gorgeous, Text Me Later, Endless Night, So Nude

Friday, November 6, 2015

Madam Glam Swatch Spam (pt.1)

Hi guys and gals! Hope you all are having a great Friday! I am so glad it's the weekend, I need a break from running all over the place! Plus the weather is rainy and chilly, and I loooove to curl up and read on days like this.

Today I have part one of a two part post filled with swatches of polish from Madam Glam. I received a total of eight polishes to review and to save my cuticles and my sanity, I split them into two posts. And because I can't wait, I started with my favorite colors first!

Please Note: Products shown were provided by the company/creator for review purposes.

(Madam Glam I Love Winter, Vintage Girl, Pastel Sky, Look At The Stars)

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Halloween(ish) Water Marble

Hi friends! OMG I cannot believe it is just a few days until Halloween. And then a month later Thanks Giving and so on until the end of the year. Holy crap time flies when you are an adult.

Anyway, if you follow me on IG, you may have seen a sneak peek at a water marble I was desperately trying to not eff up, and guess what? It was a success! By that I mean I managed to get a water marble design on all of my nails (except my thumb - but we're not gonna talk about that).

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Twinsie Tuesday: Ruffian

Hey everyone! I am back with another Twinsie Tuesday post. This week's theme is Ruffian! If you don't know what a Ruffian manicure is, you will after we get through with you!

I didn't follow the strict definition of a Ruffian, but that's what is so awesome about art - it is open to interpretation! That is exactly what I did with my contribution.

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